Blocknet Constitution

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1. Blocknet was founded on a vision of combining the power of blockchains, communities, and developers. As such a set of rules, guidelines and procedures are required.

2. Constitution Development [foundation creates and signs off]

2.1. Rules, Guidelines and procedures

2.1.1. Foundation will create, and ratify Should ensure and protect the vision

2.1.2. voting protocol and rules for ratification Voting done via blockchain[tbd] Any and All changes require a majority vote +1

2.1.3. Use of multi-sig wallet for BTC

2.1.4. Altcoins will be held as an asset

2.1.5. Meetings for the foundation [schedule/requirements]

2.1.6. Requirements/expectations of foundation members

2.1.7. Procedure for adding/removing foundation members

2.1.8. Procedure for adding/removing foundation coins/devs

2.2. Goals

2.2.1. Determine Goals/Milestones for blocknet

2.3. Accountability

2.3.1. Record keeping Blocknet Decisions/voting Financial Activity

3. Foundation will create a coin committee[review board] which consists of representation of coins involved

3.1.1. Committee [review process]

4. Funding

4.1. Any and All changes require a majority vote +1

4.2. Developers are required to create a proposal outlining the funding request outlining the request with details [milestones, etc]

4.2.1. formalize the process, with a set of rules, submission guidelines, and review criteria

4.2.2. Criteria Technology should be novel or represent novel application of existing technology Technology should utilize or extend existing XBridge/Blocknet technologies Proposal should outline how the technology strengthens the coins participating in Blocknet Ideally, the proposal should specify how the technology can be monetized as a pay service

4.2.3. All written and ratified

4.2.4. Review board for each proposal will be selected randomly from a larger pool of representatives

4.2.5. Each coin may/must nominate 2/3 representatives for the pool

4.2.6. A proposal review board shall consist of 5 representatives from the pool

5. Representation from all participating coins