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BLOCKNET Guidelines for Considering new Network / Blockchain Additions

User Base

● Consider user base (how many users, type of users, user usage) ● Consider activity of user base (are the users using the network) ● Consider reason the users are using the network (open market / games? / general trading) ● Is the network valuable?


● Consider new technologies the network offers to the Blocknet ● Consider the technologies the network offers that may overlap or conflict with existing networks ● Consider if the technologies offered are innovative ● Consider how the technologies offered can be leveraged for profitability ● Consider if the technologies offered within a new network are capable of being merged with an existing network to form a better produc ● Consider how technologies offered can be built on utilizing the Blocknet to turn profitibility


● consider user base is the network trying to captivate - target market


● Consider if network Dev or Manager offer any physical / real world value ? ● Consider if the Dev work for a bank ;)


● Consider if the technologies they are offering excitable ● Consider if the technologies have real world application ● Consider if the network plans to continue to innovate through development and through Blocknet

Longevity ● Consider if the network survive is long or short term sighted