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Members of the Board do the following:

- They represent the Blocknet's interests and aim to make decisions to the benefit of the Blocknet

- They are accountable to the Coin Representatives and function to mediate requests and make decisions upon these requests

- They are accountable to the public and are required to publish records of all decisions made

- Review and approve proposals for funding

- Submit their decisions to a third party auditor service (CoinGateway) for authorization

- Cannot spend funds without a majority vote in agreement to spend funds

- Cannot spend funds without the third party auditor’s authorisation to spend funds

Election of board members

The last board member election took place over 48 hours between 6 March and 8 March 2015.

Coin representatives interested in board membership submitted themselves for board member candidacy on the basis of being prepared to take on the following obligations].

Every participating coin was eligible to vote once, through its coin representative.

Every candidate that received a majority vote (4 or more) became a board member.

The results of the election are available here].

Current Board Members

Dan Metcalf (XC): [email protected]

Paul Busch (SWIFT): [email protected]

Russel Waters (Sonic): [email protected]

James Stroud (XST): [email protected]

Arlyn Culwick (XC): [email protected]