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The Blocknet's core team is a small group of dedicated individuals coordinating projects and events.

While the board determines funding and makes other decisions, it is the core team that carries out the day-to-day work of running the Blocknet.

Three roles have been identified thus far for the core team: development oversight, internal and external communication, and new business oversight.

Core Team Members

Development Oversight: Dan Metcalf

  • dmetcalf [at]
  • username on Slack and Bitcointalk: atcsecure

Communications: Arlyn Culwick:

  • arlynculwick [at]
  • Username on Slack and Bitcointalk: synechist

New Business: Paul Busch and Nick Cote

  • nickcote [at]
  • Usernames: nickcote and pizpie
  • swift [at]
  • Username: bitswiftdev