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Blocknet Foundation members are either part of the Core Team, Coin Representatives or Board Members. For accountability purposes, these roles function in co-ordination with a third party auditor.


- Is responsible for the everyday running of the Blocknet

- Comprises three roles:

- Development coordination
- Communications coordination
- Attracting new business

See members


- Liaise with the Foundation on behalf of their coin

- Liaise with the CoinGateway on behalf of their coin

- Serve as a point of contact for their coin’s community to voice Blocknet-related concerns and requests

- Submit proposals for funding to the board

See Coin Representatives


- Are accountable to the Coin Representatives and function to mediate requests and make decisions upon these requests

- Are accountable to the public and are required to publish records of all decisions made

- Review and approve proposals for funding

- Submit their decisions to a third party auditor service (CoinGateway) for authorization

- Cannot spend funds without a majority vote in agreement to spend funds

- Cannot spend funds without the third party auditor’s authorisation to spend funds

See members


- Reviews the Board’s decisions to spend funds

- Is notified of concerns or complaints from Coin Representatives

- Withholds spending authorisation in the event of complaints or concerns

- Cannot spend funds without the Board’s majority vote to spend funds

The third party auditor is CoinGateway